Monday, July 13, 2009

Tough times

I've said this to some of you privately in emails or phone calls, but I'll reiterate it here: the first few months of being in site are really really difficult. It's hard to describe if you're not living it, but work is a totally different animal here, community integration is hard, and it's easy to feel alone.

I came to the Peace Corps ready to be all alone for 2 years. I didn't come ready to spend three months with some fantastic people, form some phenomenal relationships and friendships, and THEN get to site and be all alone. I miss my Peace Corps friends, and I can't wait till I can leave my site (this weekend) to see them.

I turn 26 on sunday. I feel old




  1. Si te sientes viejo,que nos queda a los que no tenemos 26,ja,ja,ja.
    Que Dios te bendiga,mucha salud y muchas cosas lindas y prosperas para el futuro.
    te admiro por lo que estas haciendo.Me encanta leer tus notas.
    BTW,escribes muy bien.
    Un beso y abrazo.

  2. seriously annie - Jose excribe MUY bien. pero tengo una pregunta - when are you going to start posting again?!?!

  3. ha! eScribe. need to watch my typos.